Premium Real Estate Forum

The unique Greek conference for the Real Estate market

Find out all the news and trends in Real Estate

The Real Estate Forum conference will convene key players in the Greek real estate market to share insights on new data, foster networking opportunities, and engage in strategic dialogues about the sector’s future.

The Real Estate Forum is a significant component of Greece’s sole real estate exhibition, the Premium Real Estate Expo, organized by RM International. RM International serves as the exclusive representative for Qatar Travel Mart (QTM) and CityScape in Qatar for Greece and Cyprus.

The forum features speakers from Greece and abroad, including experts from key markets in Greek real estate, representatives from ministries and relevant governmental agencies, as well as delegates from financing institutions and high-level executives from related sectors such as construction, architecture, and technology.


  • Brokers
  • Real estate agents
  • Real Estate Consultants
  • Manufacturers
  • Architectural Offices
  • Investment companies
  • Investors
  • Banks
  • Real Estate Leasing Companies
  • Property Owners


By participating in the Real Estate Forum you:

  • Are informed about all the new data
  • Talk to speakers and ask questions in real time
  • Learn all the trends for residential, tourist, commercial and professional real estate
  • Show up at the top event for the Real Estate in Greece and actively participate in the public debate
  • Hold meetings with speakers and executives
  • Address the audience you are interested in
  • Enhance your recognition by interacting with all stakeholders in the market

The conference will have extensive coverage in all media and communication materials of the Premium Real Estate Expo.


Project Presentation

FridayMay 17
14.00 – Morcos Real Estate: Company presentation, local and international partnership presentation. Explore Middle East’s latest projects with us.
George Morcos & Associates
16.00 – DKG Development. Increased returns through investments in Serviced Apartments

  • Introduction & Moderation – Angela Michalopoulou, Business Development Director, DKG Development
  • Serviced apartments: trends and prospects in Europe and Greece – representative of Savills
  • Serviced apartments as an investment product – A. Tsartsidis, GM, DKG Development
  • Design challenges, architectural solutions based on coexistence – TSOLAKIS & Partners
  • Institutional framework – KORINNA SERGIADOU LEGAL GROUP
  • Shaping new neighbourhoods – Konstantinos Petridis, Managing Partner, DKG Development

17.00 – Presentation of the company & the products of Green Properties.
Vassilis Livadas, Head of Business Development


SaturdayMay 18
10:30 – Arrival
11:00 -Opening Speech

Eleftherios Potamianos,President of the Association of Real Estate Agents Athens – Attica

11:10 – Opening Speech
11:30 –Αffordable living, the new trend

Marina Stefou – Secretary General for Demographic and Housing Policy, Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family.
Adamantia Zissopoulou -Official, Department of Social Housing Policies, General Secretariat for Demographic and Housing Policy, Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family
Elias Manoukas – Head of Investment, Bollmann Group
Emmanouel Psallidas – Real Estate Development Manager, Construction Department, ELEMKA-Mytilineos,
Maria Paraskevopoulou -Architect Director of Space Matters
Moderator: George Lambiris, journalist

12:20 – The 2nd Real Estate Market Barometer. What are the Greeks waiting for? What has changed since November 2023? The analysis

Ilias Papageorgiadis, Entrepreneur – Consultant

13:20 – Residential projects with very low energy consumption – Passive building.

Stefanos Pallantzas,Civil Engineer NTUA, President of the Hellenic Passive House Institute

13:45 – Off-plan building. Problems and answers

Panagiotis Karanasios, Managing Director of the Technical Research Company Karanasios – Varsami & Associates

14:00World Sustainable Urban Development

Budiarsa Sastrawinata, World President of FIABCI

14:15 – Global Overview: Real Estate opportunities and policies


Dr Mahmoud AlBurai, Vice President of International real estate federation, FIABCI UAE, Chairman of FIABCI Emirates
Luca Bigliardi, President of FIABCI Italy and President of the World College of Architects in FIABCI international
Daniela Dafarra, Vice President Italia of the FIABCI World Federation
Adele Adeniji President of FIABCI Nigeria
Meiko Handojo Vice President of FIABCI Indonesia

Moderator: Constantinos Kopanitsanos, President of FIABCI Greece

15:05 – Proptech in Real Estate

Rafat Chabaane, President of the FIABCI World Council of PropTech, Board Member of FIABCI International.

15:20 – The change of use of property as a way of its commercial exploitation

Alkinoos Konis, Lawyer – Partner of Nexus Law Firm

15:40– Artificial Intelligence in Real estate

Agis Veroutis, CEO – AI in business

16:00Real estate owned by the Ministry of National Defense

Michalis Demestichas, Civil Engineer NTUA, former Director of the Real Estate Utilization Service of the Armed Forces (YPAAPED).

16:10 – Golden Visa: A fairy tale without a Dragon
Vangelis Kteniadis – President of V² DEVELOPMENT and underneath Vice President of the Sino-Greek committee
16:20Golden Visa: saint or demon? The European experience.

Kosmas Theodorides, Vice President of the Athens, President of the European Confederation of Realtors PAC/CEPI – Attica Association of Real Estate Agents, Head of POLIS Real Estate Agency

16:40The Israeli businessman’s Odyssey in the Greek Real Estate market: Anticipating the impact of the new reality

Cobi Bitton, CEO of Israel Greece Chamber of Commerce, Founder & CEO of INTEGRITAS PEOPLE & BUSINESS (IPB),

Dana R. Shavit, Real Estate forum Manager, Israel Greece Chamber of Commerce, Owner of

17:10 – The changes in the Turkish real estate market and its comparison to Greece. How these changes influence Golden Visa; increased demand, increased responsibilities

Kostas Arslanoglou, CEO Invest Greece – Solomon United Realtors


17:30The Strategic Triptych: Developing and Managing Government-Owned Properties, Digitalization and the Creation of “Smart Cities”
Vassilios Iliopoulos, Founder & CEO – BluPeak Estate Analytics
17:50 – Conclusions and closing of the Forum

Eleftherios Potamianos, President of the Association of Real Estate Agents Athens – Attica

18:00 – End of the Forum


Mr. Adele Adeniji is the Principal Partner of Adeniji Adele & Associates, a dedicated and highly educated Chartered Estate Surveyor & Valuer. His passion for integrity and continuous learning has led him to prestigious institutions, including Harvard Business School, and various professional associations. As the President of FIABCI Nigeria Chapter, he continues to make a significant impact in the field of Estate Surveying and Valuation.

Constantinos Arslanoglou was born and raised in Istanbul. He studied economics, specializing in international trade. He worked for the Chamber of Commerce of the Turkish Embassy in Athens and the Turkish fast fashion retailer “Koton”. Today he manages the family business İnvestgreece – Solomon United Realtors, the only Greek real estate company that brings Turkish investors to Greece.

Cobi Bitton has extensive experience in business development management and as a BD strategy leader in Israel and in international markets and Corporate M&A’s Advisory. For the past 30 years, Cobi has been engaged in business development management and consulting, leading innovation processes and corporate innovation advisory services for start-ups, matured companies, global corporations, manufacturing companies and individual investors growth strategy in the following countries but not only.
Israel – USA – Greece – Romania – Bulgaria – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Poland – Italy – Switzerland – Russia – Mexico – Brazil – India – UAE – Singapore – Cambodia – Ethiopia – Ghana

Rafat Chabaane is a distinguished figure in the world of Real Estate and PropTech, renowned for his strategic insights and global impact. Based in Switzerland, Rafat operates across Europe and the Middle East, leveraging his extensive network and expertise to drive innovation and facilitate business growth.

With a solid academic foundation in Business Engineering and Real Estate Development, Rafat Chabaane is not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but also practical insights gained from years of experience in the industry. He holds certifications in Data Science, Data Monetization and Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate from prestigious institutions such as MIT and Columbia University, showcasing his commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

As the President of the FIABCI World Council of PropTech and a Board Member of FIABCI International, Rafat plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry on a global scale. Additionally, he is the Founder & CEO of RCH, a Swiss advisory firm specializing in Business Strategy and Deployment, serving a diverse clientele ranging from startups to major corporations in the Real Estate and PropTech sectors worldwide.

Rafat’s influence extends beyond borders as a Partner & Board Member of Tadaamun, a prominent Saudi group based in Riyadh. Through Tadaamun, Rafat and his partners provides a premium business platform that supports foreign investors in entering the Saudi and GCC markets, while also facilitating Saudi investors’ ventures abroad with turnkey solutions.

A visionary strategist, Rafat Chabaane excels in bridging the gap between traditional real estate practices and cutting-edge PropTech innovations. His remarkable network of partners and unwavering dedication to unlocking global business opportunities make him an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of Real Estate and PropTech. As a speaker and panelist at international events, Rafat continues to inspire and shape the future of the industry.

Dana R. Shavit is an interior designer and real estate entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in which she has accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of Design, Real Estate, and Hospitality.

Initiated and established “Komitis GR” – a real estate and interior design company operating in Greece. Additionally, she owns several Airbnb properties in Israel and Greece, receiving “Super Host“ awards 5 years in a row.

Dana designs private havens, leveraging local manufacturers and artisans, while blending in her signature style for a truly unique sense of place.

She offers her voluntary service as the Real Estate Forum Leader of the Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce, where she aids investors by facilitating cross-cultural understanding and providing reliable guidance and information.

Eng. Daniela Dafarra is a civil structural engineer with strong technical education plus MBA and PHD in Finance, Real Estate and Business Development.

Daniela Dafarra worked in OVE ARUP London, then Italy Milan and, after her MBA at SDA Bocconi, in Pirelli Real Estate, First Atlantic DEA Capital and Lehman Brothers Private Equity Real Estate as VP in charge of Italy Portfolio, with architects as Renzo Piano and Daniel Libeskind, Norman Foster. Her attention to the social impact of the real estate brought her into contact with PRINCIPIOATTIVO and then became a partner in 2018. In her role as Chief Executive Dreamer she is the initiator of several successful PRINCIPIOATTIVO projects. Since 2019 she has been the representative of the Urban Monitoring Lab UN-Habitat and has become Vice President Italia of the FIABCI World Federation.

Dr Mahmoud AlBurai is the Vice President of International real estate federation, FIABCI Arabic Countries since 2016, Chairman of FIABCI Emirates and sits on the board of International Real estate Federation, the world largest global real estate network of more than 1.5 million associate members. Before that he served on the board of International Real estate Society (IRES) for 5 years and the board of National Association of Realtors (NAR), 1.3 million member real estate network based in Chicago for the years 2019-2020.

He is currently serving as senior advisor to the Director General of Dubai Land Department in addition to his work as senior Director of real estate policies and innovation at Dubai land department and senior advisor to Dubai Police Emergency and Disasters (Resilience) Centre. Before this role, Mahmoud has served as the CEO of Dubai Real estate Institute for 10 years in which the institute graduated 80,000 real estate professionals from the region.  Mahmoud graduated from Sh Mohamad Bin Rashid Leadership program in 2018 (Government leaders program)

He is also the Chairman of UNDRR ARISE network in the UAE working on lobbying the private sector to support building resilience in the UAE. Recently he was elected as Vice Chair of Global Arise (UNDRR). In 2021 he was selected as one of 10 City Changers by the World Urban Campaign of the UN Habitat recognizing his role in lobbying stakeholders to advance SDGs and deal with climate change. Before that he served on the board of International Real estate Society (IRES) for 5 years.

He served as Chairman of UN Global Compact UAE from 2015-2020 and represented MENA region in UN Global Compact advisory board for 2016-2018. In his role as UN Global Compact MENA representative, he led many SDG’s driven initiatives. He started youth ambassador programs in seven UAE universities recruiting over 150 youth, trained them to help businesses become more sustainable. He also led establishing Women empowerment principles platform in the UAE with 60 companies signing on WEPs commitment. To promote SDGs among business, Mahmoud launched SDGs pioneers UAE celebrating SDGs success stories of private and government organizations.

Moreover, Mahmoud leads the affordable Housing working-group at World Economic Forum.  Mahmoud also serves as an advisor-MENA region at Happy City Lab, headquartered in Canada which works on integrating happiness into urban design.

Mahmoud is assistant professor of Management at American University in Dubai since 2013 and the Director of Middle East Cities Centre at the American University in Dubai working on research and development related to field of sustainability, resilience and competitiveness. Mahmoud is also Faculty at Mohamad Bin Rashid School of Government focusing on training government officials from Middle East and Asia on leadership, sustainability and competitiveness. He has lectured to more than 500 government officials in the last 3 years.

Mahmoud completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering at the American University before continuing on to earn his Master’s in Real Estate from National University of Singapore. Mahmoud completed his MBA in Finance from his alma mater, American University of Dubai in 2010 and Master of Cities at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2019 and DBA at Grenoble école de management in France in 2020. In 2022, Mahmoud finished his master’s of International Business Law from Paris-Pantheon-Assas University in France.

Meiko Handojo is the Vice President of the Indonesian chapter of the International Real Estate Federation. He has a Bachelor in Architecture and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) followed by a 34- year career in Real Estate Industry : 10 years as an Architect and Urban Planner, 4 years in Corporate Business Development and 20 years in Strategic Business Operation.
Furthermore he is the Director of CIPUTRA GROUP, one of the leading Real Estate development and management property companies in Indonesia.

Luca Bigliardi graduated in architecture at Politecnico di Milano, he founded  PRINCIPIOATTIVO Architecture Group studio in 2007 with transversal enthusiasm for everything related to architectural design. He lives into constant curiosity for the various disciplines of design and publishing. He was recently appointed President of FIABCI Italy and President of the World College of Architects in FIABCI international, as well as representative co-director in Italy of the Urban Monitoring lab project, for UNHABITAT. He is an Italian member of ADI – the Italian industrial design association and of BEDA, the Bureau of European Design Associations.

He is Member of the Municipal Landscape Committee of Milan.

In 2013 he founded the architecture and society magazine Shht of which he was editor-in-chief from 2013 to 2018, and in 2014 he was one of the founding members of ORAMA, a company that provides services related to the world of architecture and design.

As Chief Operating Officer of PRINCIPIOATTIVO architecture Group he has participated in various architecture Biennale including that of Venice, Pisa and the Biennale dello Stretto, as well as being invited to various conferences related to the world of architecture and sustainability.

Among the most valuable projects developed in recent years: the new museum of the State Mint in Rome, the redevelopment of the historic Monluè heritage farmhouse and the creation of the “Court of the Common Good”, the redevelopment project of San Siro Stadium in Milan and the new headquarters of Saint Gobain Italy.

Michalis Demestichas is a Civil Engineer, a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), with many years of experience in the field of construction and public works. He has been involved with public affairs since a young age, and has held positions of responsibility throughout his career. He is an “aristindin (according to merit) member of the Board of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and general secretary of the Board of Directors. of the Stadium of Peace and Friendship. He was for several years and until very recently the director of the Real Estate Utilization Service of the Armed Forces (YPAAPED).

Dr Marina Stefou has served as Secretary General for Demography and Housing Policy of the Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family since July 2023.

She graduated from the School of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds a Master’s Degree in Law and Business Economy from the Department of International and European Studies of the Panteion University, as well as a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in International Economic Law from the same institution.

As a ‘Marie Curie’ PhD Scholarship recipient from the European Commission and a member of the European Corporate Governance Training Network (ECGTN), she conducted part of her doctoral research at the Department of Financial Law of the University of Genoa between 2006 and 2008.

In 2011 she completed the special interdisciplinary program for senior executives of the American ‘Harvard Kennedy School’ on the topic of “Senior Managers in Government”.

She has fourteen years of professional experience with the European Parliament, having worked as a scientific advisor to Members of the European Parliament in various Committees as well as an advisor of the European People’s Party Group (EPP Group) in the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL).

She participated, on a technical-advisory level, in the informal working group for the European Child Guarantee, concerning vulnerable children and combating child poverty.

In 2022-2023 she served as President of the Research Centre for Gender Equality (RCGE).

After having studied for 15 years in the sector of Biology and Biotechnology at a PhD and PostDoc level, his interest turned to Real Estate.

He studied Real Estate and Finance at Herriot-Watt University and was a Real Estate Agent with REMAX until 2009, when he founded “AKINITA POLIS” –International Real Estate Experts where he is still active as Managing Director.

He is also the First Vice President of the Hellenic Realtors Federation.

He has written extensively in newspapers and magazines, while he is the holder of the following certifications

  • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)
  • Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR)
  • Council of Residential Specialists (CRS)
  • Transnational Referral Certification (TRC)
  • Member of Greek Association of Realtors (SEK)
  • Member of National Association of Realtors ®
  • Member Central European Real Estate Associations Network (CEREAN)


He speaks English, French and German

Vasilios Iliopoulos is the founder of the high-end accounting firm Empyrise. A certified public accountant with 30 years of experience in financial analysis and business consulting, he founded the start-up company BluPeak Estate Analytics in February 2023. The company offers electronic property identification services, in order to properly manage and create an integrated and fully customizable property register for each individual organization. Also part of the group is Empyrion Branding, which focuses on highly profitable marketing consulting and Brand Management. Vasilios Iliopoulos is a graduate of the Department of Accounting, and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from National Kapodistrian University of Athens, with a concentration in financial analysis and strategy. He has participated in many Real Estate projects and exhibitions (Athens, Thessaloniki and Qatar), thereby contributing to the recognition of the necessity of digitisation and the use of Data Analytics in the Real Estate sector.

Panagiotis Karanasios is co-founder and managing director of the companies that together make up the group of companies of Karanasios – Varsami and associates. He is an Electrical Engineer, graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
For 33 years, he has been involved in the study, design and licensing of activities, facilities (building and engineering) and businesses belonging to all economic sectors, such as trade, services, manufacturing and tourism. He is a technical advisor to the Industrial Chamber of Thessaloniki, the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki, the Association of Exporters of Greece, the Association of Industries of Greece and various professional associations and federations.
Headquartered in Athens and Thessaloniki, the companies in which he participates as founder and CEO offer vertically integrated services throughout Greece in the private and public sector, starting from finding the right property, controlling, maturing, developing, studying and licensing the investment activity , employing 60 engineers of all specialties. They also support the after sale service of the company during its operational phase, in relation to public services as well as issues related to health and safety at work. Mr. Karanasios has taken part in the creation of primary and secondary legislation on the part of the trade union bodies that he supports as a technical advisor. He has the knowledge and experience to analyse at the conference the prospects and problems in relation to the possibility of developing and building off-plan city real estate, especially after what is provided for in the latest legislative regulations.

Alkinoos – Thomas Konis was born in 1993 in Preveza. He is an lawyer and completed his internship at the law firm of Athanasios Haristos and Associates, while from 2018 until today he is a partner at Nexus Law Firm. He specializes in Corporate Law, Real Estate Law and Immigration Law. He is also a graduate of the MSc in Civil Law, Civil Procedure and Labour Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in Labour Law, as well as the MSc in Real Estate Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He speaks English and German.”

Konstantinos Kopanitsanos has been a real estate professional since 1992. He is the CEO of “Kopanitsanos Real Estate”, a second-generation firm founded in 1961.
He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer & Information Science, with a minor in Business, from the University Of South Australia. In addition, he is a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), a Senior Professional Valuer (SPV), a Chartered Asset Manager (CAM), an Accredited buyer’s representative (ABR), a Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS), a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA), has been accredited the Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR) designation, the Transnational Referral Certification (TRC), and is an international member of the American National Association of Realtors (NAR).
In addition, Konstantinos is currently president of FIABCI – Greece (The International Real Estate Federation). He was president of H.A.R. (the Hellenic Association of Realtors) in 2013 and was liaison to NAR (the American National Association of Realtors) from 2000 to 2016.
During the last 31 years, he has been part of organizing committees for international FIABCI events in Greece; he has attended a large number of conferences, relevant to the Real Estate and Development fields, which have taken place in Greece and in various countries abroad (Europe, USA & Asia).
The “Kopanitsanos Real Estate” firm specializes in all commercial and residential real estate types, with an emphasis in investment projects. The services provided are considered to combine utmost professionalism and integrity and cover most parts of Greece.

Vangelis Kteniadis II is the owner, managing director and president of V² DEVELOPMENT.
His father, Vangelis Kteniadis I, was the owner and CEO of Ergon
Development, the company that defined the Greek real estate market. Vangelis Kteniadis II named
the company “V² DEVELOPMENT” as a token of appreciation to his father. Today, V²
DEVELOPMENT defines the Real Estate industry and leads the market, being recognized as the No.1
real estate development company in Greece. Vangelis Kteniadis II has a strong knowledge of the principles and
processes and among his top priorities is the assessment of clients’ needs, the
achievement of quality indicators and continuous assessment of their satisfaction. His key skills are
include knowledge of the business and management principles involved in the strategic
planning, resource allocation, human resource modelling, leadership techniques, methods of management and management, and
production methods, coordination of people and resources, understanding of market dynamics and objectives in a
company level dynamics, anticipating opportunities and risks, identifying issues and developing plans, and
strategies. Can and prides itself on setting ambitious, realistic goals, utilising
interpersonal communication skills to lead and inspire employees and to support
sound business and financial decision making, demonstrating honesty, integrity and
integrity, integrity and loyalty, leading by example. Vangelis Kteniadis II holds a B.Sc. from the University of Athens.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is the father of two children, Vangelis Kteniadis III and Naya


Since early September 2022, Ilias Manoukas has been serving as the Head of the Athens office of Bollmann Group Hellas, overseeing real estate investments and development. In his role as Head of Transaction, he particularly leads the acquisition of individual residential properties, portfolios, and land in the greater Athens area. Ilias Manoukas brings extensive experience in the field of investments, both in national and international real estate markets. Previously, he was responsible for the real estate activities of the MAGAN Group in Berlin. Prior to that position, Mr. Manoukas served as Head of Investment for the IMMOBILIA Group based in Budapest. He also held the position of Head of Capital Markets at Colliers International in Vienna and worked as Head of Industrial & Logistics at CBRE in Vienna. He is a graduate of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien).

Stefanos Pallantzas graduated from the German School of Athens and studied Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, where he specialized in the timescale and financial planning of major projects.  For nearly twenty years he is involved in residential buildings projects, in which he prioritized the very low energy consumption and the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies.

Mr Pallantzas is Founder and President of the Hellenic Passive House Institute, Trainer on the passive house design, Certified Passive House Designer and Accredited Building Certifier.

Ilias Papageorgiadis started dealing with real estate in 2004 in Romania, where in a few years he succeeded -starting from scratch- to make his company reach the 10 largest consulting / brokerage companies in the country. He has to his credit hundreds of completed transactions worth approximately 600 million Euros + advisory services to more than 1,000 investors, from dozens of countries.
He has written 4 books on real estate (in English and Romanian) and is preparing his first book on the subject in Greek (Kastaniotis editions).
Today he is an investor in the sector, with investments in Athens and a partner in Value Plus Development, a residential development company.
At the same time, even he is no longer directly involved in the Real Estate field, he studies it very closely and offers his investment advice to 200+ investors from Greece and Cyprus.
The “Real Estate Market Barometer. What the Greeks expect” was one of the innovations he presented at his event “Greece 2024. Business, Real Estate, Investments”, with the aim of understanding in depth how all market players think.
His blog (in Greek and Romanian) about investments and business is read by tens of thousands of readers every month, being no.1 in its category.

Maria Paraskevopoulou graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Aristotle Polytechnic University of Thessaloniki AUTH.
Her professional experience started early, when she founded her own office in 2003, which in 2019 was renamed Space Matters. With extensive experience in the design of commercial office spaces, residential spaces and small hotel units. The office undertakes the design, supervision and coordination of studies, from the initial concept to implementation. With experience in both private and public projects, it has participated in architectural competitions and has worked with important organizations, such as the Representation of the European Commission and the European Parliament in Greece. The philosophy of the office is based on creating spaces that meet the needs of the user, with respect to the environment and sustainability.

Lefteris Potamianos graduated in 1996 from the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science of the University of Piraeus and has been practicing the profession of Broker and Real Estate Valuer since 1998.

He has attended numerous valuation seminars and has been certified with ISO 17024 as a Broker and also as a Real Estate Valuer.

He is the President of the Association of Real Estate Agents Athens – Attica and until recently he has been the General Secretary of the Federation of Brokers of Greece.

He has also made many presentations in seminars throughout Greece regarding the training of appraisers and the teaching of real estate appraisal and valuation methods.

Emmanuel Psallidas is a Civil Engineer MBA holder with many years of experience in the construction and management of private and public projects both in Greece and abroad in areas such as Africa, Middle East, Balkans.
He currently holds the position of Real Estate Development Manager of ELEMKA SA, a subsidiary of METKA.

Budiarsa Sastrawinata is the Managing Director of Ciputra Group and President Director of PT Ciputra Residence. He serves as the CEO for two CIPUTRA’s international prestigious projects: Ciputra Hanoi International City in Vietnam and Grand Shenyang International City in China. Budiarsa’s portfolio also includes his role as the President Director at PT Damai Indah Golf, overseeing two world-class golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Robert Trent Jones II. His other positions within real estate-related organizations, include: member of the Honorary Council of the Indonesian

Real Estate Association (REI), founding member of the Indonesian Broker Association (AREBI) and President of the International Urban Development Association (INTA) from 2007 to 2013. Budiarsa’s leadership also extends beyond real estate, such as Chairing the Indonesia-Vietnam Friendship Association (IVFA), the Indonesian Public Listed Companies Association (AEI), the Integrated Property Development Council of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and its Working Group on the new capital city, NUSANTARA member of various esteemed boards and councils. Furthermore, his political experience as a former Member of the Indonesian Parliament and the House of Representatives which adds depth to his impressive career. Currently, he serves as FIABCI World President for the term 2023-2024.

Agis Veroutis is a Mechanical Engineer with a master’s degree in Ecological Industrial Production. He studied in the USA and Britain where he lived for a total of seventeen years. There he worked as a strategic management consultant to the world’s largest multinationals, in government agencies and organizations including the “President’s Council on Sustainable Development” under President Clinton, and as a Visiting Lecturer on Environmentally Responsible Business Management and Sustainable Development, in American universities and business schools. He returned to Greece in 1999 and worked as a managing director of a subsidiary of a multinational in the field of Health, responsible for 5 countries in SE Europe. In 2003 he started doing business in the field of services and the Internet, while he has been writing and publishing his thoughts since 2010 on reputable websites such as Since 2003, he is part of the management team of “Anaptixiaki”, a company offering  the dynamic services and AI grammateia that utilize Artificial Intelligence technologies to serve its customers.

Adamantia Zisopoulou is a civil servant in the Department of Social Housing Policies of the General Secretariat of Demography and Housing policy of Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family. She holds a Diploma in Architectural Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2008) and a Law Degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2020). She holds also two postgraduate degrees, M.Sc. Environmental Design and Engineering (2009) from UCL, and M.Sc. Management in Construction by Kingston University (2012). She is a graduate of the National School of Public Administration and Local Government and in particular of the Social Care Program of the Department of Health and Social Care Services Administration. She is also a PhD candidate at the Department of Social Policy of Panteion University in the field of housing policy, with PhD thesis title: “The Evolution of Housing Policy in Greece in the Light of Social Housing Policies”. She worked as an Architect Engineer for 14 years in the private sector.

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